Canonical expands enterprise Kubernetes

  • Canonical supports enterprise Kubernetes on cloud and on-premises
  • Two turnkey consulting packages for rapid deployment
  • Support for Galactic Fog serverless, Rancher container management and Weave Cloud
  • Reference architectures for Kubernetes operations on cloud or bare-metal

LONDON, U.K, Aug 23rd, 2017, Canonical today announced two consulting packages for enterprise Kubernetes deployments, and expanded enterprise support to include serverless infrastructure from Galactic Fog, container management workflows from Rancher, and Weave Cloud from Weaveworks.

“Organisations looking for best-practice Kubernetes now have a reference architecture and specialist consulting to operate K8s on any cloud, bare metal, or virtualisation,” said Marco Ceppi, product manager for Kubernetes at Canonical. “Canonical Kubernetes is transforming how our customers host scale out, cloud native workloads, with an emphasis on portability across public clouds and private infrastructure.”

‘Kubernetes Explorer’ covers Kubernetes on a public cloud, private cloud or VMware. It delivers the reference architecture at $15,000 including training and deployment, with optional consulting for workload analysis or to assist in the creation of CI/CD pipelines in support of everyday operations with containers.

‘Kubernetes Discoverer’ broadens the offering to include bare metal operations. At $35,000 it includes specialist consulting to optimise the architecture for particular workloads, together with hands-on training delivered on site. The Discoverer package provides the opportunity for deep integration and customisation of storage and networking options.

Canonical Ubuntu is the leading OS for cloud operations – public and private – and Canonical works with AWS, Azure, Google and Oracle to optimise Ubuntu guests for containers on those clouds. Canonical also works with Google GKE to enable hybrid operations between enterprise deployments of Kubernetes and the Google SAAS offering.

“The enterprise challenge is to enable containers across hybrid cloud environments,” said Dustin Kirkland, VP Product at Canonical. “Canonical’s cloud partnerships provide choice of cloud infrastructure with a consistently secure and efficient Kubernetes across multiple clouds.”

Canonical’s Kubernetes implementation serves as a shared platform for a wide range of partner offerings, including serverless infrastructure from Galactic Fog, container management platform from Rancher Labs and Weave Cloud from Weaveworks.

“Innovation is shifting up the stack, so we are delighted to partner with Canonical to enable enterprise serverless infrastructure on every cloud,” said Anthony Skipper, Founder and CEO at Galactic Fog. “Galactic Fog on Canonical’s Kubernetes provides a multi-cloud solution for serverless computing that is operable at scale and easy to integrate.”

“Canonical’s Kubernetes provides a modern, stable, efficient base for the best-in-class Rancher container management,” said Nick Stinemates, VP of Business Development at Rancher Labs. “Our customers appreciate the business value of running container-optimized workloads in production, and seek to get there with as little friction as possible.”

“Enterprises can cut through the complexity to discover the power of Kubernetes with Ubuntu’s reference architecture and services,” said Steve George, COO at Weaveworks. “Combining Canonical Kubernetes with Weave Cloud’s comprehensive management and monitoring delivers a powerful and efficient platform for DevOps practitioners to deploy and operate sophisticated apps at scale, on any infrastructure.”


About Canonical
Canonical is the company behind Ubuntu, the leading OS for container, cloud, scale-out and hyperscale computing. 65% of large-scale OpenStack deployments are on Ubuntu, using both KVM and the pure-container LXD hypervisor for the world’s fastest private clouds. Canonical provides enterprise support and services for commercial users of Ubuntu.

About Galactic Fog
Galactic Fog was founded in 2015 with the goal of enabling companies to easily build or migrate existing applications to cloud-native architectures. Galactic Fog’s platform is built on open source and foundational components have been released as open source. Galactic Fog is backed by Osage Venture Partners and Newark Venture Partners.

About Rancher Labs
Rancher Labs builds innovative, open source software for enterprises leveraging containers to accelerate software development and improve IT operations. The flagship Rancher container management platform makes it easy to adopt, run and manage Docker containers across multiple Kubernetes clusters. It includes everything you need to run containers in production, on any infrastructure. For additional information, please visit

About Weaveworks
Weaveworks is the maker of Weave Net, Weave Scope, Weave Cortex, Weave Flux and Weave Cloud, which enable customers to connect, monitor and manage microservices and containers. Weave is open source software and contributions and pull requests are more than welcome via Github.

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