Newark Venture Partners Portfolio Company, Inpensa, Named Top 5 Coolest Tech Company in NJ

While, the tech industry today is an ever-growing community that spans across the continent and beyond, New Jersey is not to be discounted as an area full of burgeoning tech companies specializing in a range of fields, from digital marketing to fintech.

Inpensa – Edison, NJ

At Inpensa they’re changing the way executives decide on project investment with their award-winning data driven capabilities and SaaS Technology. Inpensa’s focus is on strategic project portfolio planning, analysis of ROI, and realization of benefits.

The unique approach of this young business solves the permeating problem across mid- to large organizations that spend millions or more on investments each year. The wealth of data pushes forward timely, informed decisions, which saves their clients millions on new investments.

Inpensa is the better solution for managing the project investment lifecycle, which means no more spreadsheets and a smarter use of data. It is changing the way we’ll think about investments forevermore.

The purpose-built Enterprise Business Value Management suite includes significant capabilities that can be fully integrated or delivered independently, including Project Portfolio Strategic Planning, Business Case Management, and Tracking and Analytics.

You can learn more at their website: